Basic Concepts of Maximo

The Basic Concepts of Maximo course introduces the participant to the concepts and processes supported by Maximo and provides the participants will an overall understanding of the system.

  • Distinguish between Maximo’s various modules and their functions.
  • Training Content
  • Introduction to Maximo
  • Navigation and search
  • Manage assets
  • Manage work
  • Manage contracts
  • Manage stock
  • Manage procurement

Introduction to Maintenance Work Management and Planning

The Introduction to Maintenance Work Management and Planning course presents an overview of the basic elements of a healthy maintenance department such as work planning and presents the importance of each team member and the impact of each member on planning.

  • To understand the fundamental elements to work planning in maintenance management.
  • Training Content
  • What is maintenance
  • Work identification
  • Work planning
  • Work scheduling
  • Work execution
  • Report and return on experience
  • Analysis
  • Typical roles
  • Collaboration
  • Supporting planning
  • Work prioritization

Best Practices in Maximo Integration

Best practices in Maximo integration consist of renown rules and principles that are applied during an implementation. Presented as they are today, these recommendations and configurations evolve with time and are adapted to Maximo’s various versions.

  • At the end of this course, the participant will be able to name ten best practices to be applied during Maximo implementations.
  • Training Content
  • Maximo business principles
  • IBM-recommended configuration tools
  • Migrating to latest versions
  • Process integration
  • Java class configuration
  • Configuration limitations
  • External systems integration

Maximo Anywhere

IBM Maximo Anywhere provides a set of mobile applications used to take inventory, issue and return spare parts, log new service requests, assign work orders, perform work orders, and more. These applications extend Maximo’s range by providing users protected access to data everywhere and at all times.

  • At the end of this course, the participants will understand the technological and application architecture. They will be able to distinguish the application and their functions.
  • Training Content
  • Technological architecture
  • Installation process (presentation)
  • Application structure
  • Publish the applications
  • Data exchange – synchronization
  • Supported functions
  • Application modification
  • Unit tests – quality control
  • Integrated tests
  • Production launch

Inventory Management using Maximo

The Inventory Management Using Maximo course teaches participants the skills necessary to setting up an optimal and customized inventory management system. The main objective of a Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) inventory in an industrial context is to support the maintenance department in its pursuit for equipment reliability. The establishment of a solid inventory begins with smart material organization, followed by sound inventory management and the implementation of efficient work processes.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to configure the core elements needed for stock management, procurement and reprovisioning, issuing and transfering items, and inventory counts.

Basic Information

  • Organizational setting
  • Chart of accounts configuration
  • Items groups
  • Items informations configuration


  • Create items
  • Add items to inventory
  • Stock management settings definition
  • Rotating items

Reprovisioning Items

  • Reorder inventory items
  • Reorder direct issue items
  • Automate replenishment
  • Items reservation process

Issues and Transfers / Stock Usage

  • Issue items

Inventory Count

  • Inventory adjustments
  • Reconcile inventory balances

Procurement Management using Maximo

One of the main objectives of the Procurement function is to select suppliers that provide quality products and services at competitive prices and with optimal delivery times to help your company be even more competitive.

  • To create and modify companies
  • To apply and manage the various procurement process steps
  • To understand the interrelations between various applications
  • To manage receipts

Company Management

  • Search companies
  • Create a company record
  • Create a company in the Companies application

Manage Quote Requests

  • Search for quote requests
  • Create quote requests
  • Process quote requests
  • Create a purchase order or contract using a quote request

Manage Purchase Requests

  • Search for purchase requests
  • Create purchase requests
  • Process purchase requests

Manage Purchase Orders

  • Search for purchase orders
  • Create purchase orders
  • Process purchase orders

Receipt Items and Services

  • Search for purchase orders to receipt
  • Process receipts
  • Items
  • Items needing inspection
  • Rotating items
  • Services

Financial Management using Maximo

All maintenance activities have a financial impact and are linked to debit and credit accounts. A proper configuration of all financial information is therefore essential to cost tracking and sound company management.

  • Configure financial information and understand its importance.
  • Chart of accounts structure
  • Elaborate the chart of accounts structure
  • Configure default accounts
  • Define accounting periods
  • Financial transactions

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