Technology is playing a huge part in the transition and harnessing disruptive solutions such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to better utilize vast amounts of patient data is shaping into a key priority for pharma.
The velocity with which the current situation is progressing is now challenging pharma com-panies to strive even more to keep the momentum going as they achieve various milestones along their digital journey.
FIA Integra solutions and services enable Pharma Industry companies with a clear and on-the-spot insight into operations to reduce cost, improve safety and reliability, enable data-based deci-sions for long-term success, and prioritize the company strategies.

  • Tools for Managing Complex Projects
  • Dynamic Dispatching
  • Integrating Software
  • Unify Asset Management Processes
  • Real-Time Remote Monitoring and Asset Health
  • Meet Compliance and Quality
  • Extend Asset Lifecycles
  • Processes Optimization

FIA Integra Solution

The world’s top oil and gas companies trust the PI System to enable digital transformation across their upstream, midstream, and downstream operations.

IBM Maximo® Application Suite helps drive operational resiliency and reliability with condition-based asset maintenance. With expanded access to CMMS, EAM, and asset performance management applications, the enterprise is allowed to unify operations and maintain business continuity, even under rapidly changing or disruptive conditions.

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