This workshop provides the understanding and tools needed to develop a unitary and tangible set of reports that can display financial or non-financial performance indicators in a graphical manner, at the highest standard of data visualization and analysis in the industry. Thus, the critical activities of the company can be "visualized" in figures and graphs that change in real time, giving the management the possibility to model the business strategy and to make the best decisions for his company.


  • Training duration: 1 day
  • Course format: 40% theory, 60% practice
  • Teaching method: interactive, at FIA Integra’s training center or optional at the client’s headquarters (for more than 5 participants)
  • The course addresses: analysts, users, implementers, project managers
  • You will learn to: create, prepare, implement, plan and control reports

Obtained Skills

  • Basic principles, modern tools and techniques used in project management
  • Passing the five phases of the project life cycle, through presentations and case studies
  • Familiarity with the concepts of project management and the terms used
  • Analysis and application of the tools used in project management
  • Establishing realistic, measurable goals and ensuring positive results
  • Estimating project costs using simple, verified techniques
  • Establishing a project monitoring and control system
  • Building a solid project plan within the organizational and cost constraints
  • Recruiting and leading a high performance project team
  • Strengthening the team spirit by developing creativity and by creating a common language


Working with activities - through queries, impressions, analyzes, filters, sorting, groupings, drill-down, drill-up (deep or higher level analysis), calculations, summaries and totals:

  • Overview of the data
  • Choosing data sources
  • Consultation and management of databases
  • Defining information needed to create reports and dashboards
  • Drill-down and exact filtering on the information group needed
  • Establishing relationships
  • Set up graphs, scorecards, tabular or chart views, various reports
  • Drag-and-drop, creating multi-dimensional crosstabs
  • Front-end query and analysis from data sources
  • Create dashboard - bar or line charts, maps, tables, scattered points, etc .
  • Analysis for comparing information and tracking performance against the proposed goals
  • Access rights for users
  • Dashboard publishing
  • Accessing dashboards and layouts

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