Business intelligence (BI) refers to software technologies, applications, and practices for the collection, integration, analysis, and presentation of business information.

BI solutions are critical for all organizations to optimize performance, improve profits, or streamline business functions.

Oracle Business Intelligence

Oracle Analytics platform enables you to simplify your analytics strategies with a modern, standard, and integrated platform. With advanced analytics, all key decision-makers are empowered to quickly find answers to predictive and statistical questions. While users across the organization can now craft a thoughtful, compelling, and visually stunning analytical story using data visualization extensions.

Making the Most of Your Data

BI solutions have the potential to be an essential tool for decision-making and strategy development. The resulting information can be used throughout a company, from marketing and sales to supply chain and finance, for tasks such as:

  • Measuring marketing campaign results
  • Gaining visibility into cash flow, gross margins, and operating expenses
  • Capturing insights about employees and prospects to optimize HR processes and recruitment
  • Tracking parts and material trends and supplier performance
  • Forecasting revenues and transactionss
  • Optimizing call center and depot staffing levels
  • Obtaining cross-enterprise views
  • Uncovering new revenue opportunities and patterns

Making the Most of Your Data

  • A Single Platform
  • Connected
  • Augmented Analytics
  • Data Visualization
  • Self-Services
  • Mobile

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