FIA Integra acts as an integration company and, a software development and implementation company since 2014. Our expertise comprises different technologies and software, but our focus is represented by Oracle Portfolio – Primavera and Business Intelligence, IBM - Maximo and OSIsoft – Plant Information.

VI. Procedures & Methodologies

Contractors or partners contribute to the deployment of large-scale projects. Rapid and reliable information exchange is essential to manage them efficiently and to keep track on time and on budget. Our methodology is defined as a set of principles and guidelines based on internal policies, communication rules and decision-making processes as well as extensive experience in every field and industry. Our team acts as a mediator for standardizing procedures between the customer, the contractor team, and others. The documents resulting from this work are based on internationally accepted principles and guidelines, adapted, and applied to different types of projects.

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    Our agnostic expertise validates us as a fully qualified consultant and implementer of cutting – edge solutions for any business-related requirement.

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