• Elaborates and implements working processes, procedures and instructions (for example, Cost estimation etc.) in accordance with the organization’s objectives to ensure compliance with the required quality level
  • Develops and maintains the cost control tools for all project activities and generates the financial circuit / project expenses profile
  • Analyzes variations (for example calendar, cost) and recommends appropriate measures to project / program managers
  • Provides cost updates
  • Assists the project manager in managing and monitoring the control of project costs, resource requirements and their optimum use
  • Participates in risk workshops and offers information to be introduced in risk analysis
  • Implements and maintains the Change Control Register
  • Develop cost sharing structure (CBS) according to WBS
  • Develop and control the cost execution plan for the project
  • Responsible for developing systems and methods for estimating cost at project level
  • Provides assistance to control the project costs for the project team (s) in terms of development of cost estimates Class 5 to 1, cost structure planning, verification of estimates developed by contractors during the project life cycle
  • Responsible for managing cost estimates based on company standards and project life cycle
  • Maintains liaison with engineering, procurement and construction teams at project level to accelerate contributions to cost estimation
  • Maintains liaison with the technical and public procurement managers for setting prices at the level of equipment and materials
  • Maintains liaison with the persones responsible for the construction for the construction strategy and the anticipated levels of productivity, supplemented with the factors that affect the unit rates of the labor force
  • Maintains liaison with the Risk Coordinator for incorporate the contingency based on the quantified risk impact on the project objectives in Cost Estimation (in addition to the basic cost)
  • Responsible for specific activities after the award of the contract, including verification of invoices, processing of cost allocations, payments and evaluation of requests for modification of costs for approval
  • Keeps records of all documents relevant to the control of project costs and project deliverables
  • Keeps track of relevant issues and minutes of project cost control meetings
  • Track, implement and prepare the project closing activities according to the requirements
  • Attends project progress meetings and provides support in issuing documents
  • Analyzes and monitors progress reports and makes recommendations
  • Provides the assistance of the project team for the control of the project documents regarding the monitoring and control of all internal and external documents, ensuring the identification, numbering, versioning, labeling, the proper distribution, traceability and archiving of the project documents during the life cycle of project
  • Elaborates and implements the working processes, procedures and instructions (for example, the Management Plan, the Register of project documents etc.) in accordance with the requirements of the company to ensure compliance with the required quality level
  • Prepares the plan for managing the installments according to the internal procedure (the way the documents will be elaborated, numbered, revised, approved, transmitted, stored, distributed and archived, how the changes of the results and other documents will be treated the life cycle of the project)
  • Manages document control processes, controlling all document interfaces with contractors the company, ensuring the timely distribution of all the delivered documents
  • It acts as a central connector between the company discipline leaders and the project team
  • It act as interface with the document controllers of the contractor (s)
  • Responsible for keeping the document approval / distribution matrix updated
  • Responsible for sending documentation on correct workflows and recipients, ensuring that all documents are tracked efficiently through transmission management
  • It processes all input and output transmissions of documents
  • Maintains the document system and ensures compliance with all quality assurance standards
  • Maintain and update the internal document management system (2Connect / MS Files) to ensure that adequate structures are available for facilitate document extraction
  • Participates actively in the continuous improvement of the internal document management system
  • Generating periodic reports to support project members in document monitoring and review of the overall status of the project
  • Performing the verification of the quality of the technical documentation regarding the numbering, the verification of the file formats, the identification of the verification / revision etc.
  • Provides assistance for document control of the project team, including training in the use of the document control system
  • Responsible in the elaboration of the final documentation files of the projects in collaboration with the contractors / suppliers / departments of the company and manages all the archiving processes
  • Track, implement and prepare the project closing activities according to the requirements
  • Attends project progress meetings and provides support in issuing documents

We want you to be part of our team!

What we are looking for:

  • Required background: Economics, Construction or Cybernetics
  • You are willing to learn and to develop yourself
  • You want to work in a dynamic and young team
  • You enjoy daily challenges and find them motivating
  • You can handle deadlines (if not, we will help you)
  • You have a positive attitude and enjoy working with people
  • Clever, able to face a diverse environment and fast learner
  • You have the ability to approach people and win them over trust
  • If you have no experience there is no problem, the team is eager to help you learn

Time is now! We are a company in accelerated and continuous development , we need you!

  • Manage all aspects of Planning, Cost Management, Contract Management, Document Control and Risk Management including techniques, systems, staff, training and development, in order to provide the company with an efficient and professional project services capability
  • Ensure that Project Control techniques and practices within the company are compatible with specific types of contract work -the different demands of separate business streams – and that staff are trained adequately in these differences
  • Develop and implement planning techniques, which address the above objectives and provide the correct tools for project execution
  • Ensure that all techniques are supported by adequate computerised systems, which are designed and applied in an efficient and user-friendly fashion
  • Ensure efficient interfaces with different departments and develop good communications with these related departments
  • Carry out regular reviews of planning practices/quality on all projects to ensure that Project Control objectives are being met
  • Assign qualified, experienced and competent staff to projects by managing the specification, recruitment, training and development of Project Control personnel
  • Carry out periodic appraisals of staff performance and discuss/agree individual development plans in order to provide and safeguard the future company staffing needs
  • Ensure the project controls team supports the estimating function
  • To contribute to improving the quality and performance of cost control processes and systems
  • To assist in the preparation of change control reports, identifying critical areas, and providing trend analysis and early warnings to the Project Services Function
  • To assist in the preparation of ongoing project reviews and providing advice on corrective actions
  • Manage budgets are controlled within authorised funding limits and in accordance with financial procedures
  • Monitor trends monthly, provide analysis to the Project Team and invoke the project change control procedure invoked where required
  • Manage the department of project schedules in accordance with the project work breakdown structure
  • Assuring that project plans are regularly updated and within levels of certainty to allow effective monitoring, forecasting and control
  • Ensure the project has an appropriate risk register and mitigation plan
  • Liaise with the Risk Manager to gain support to facilitate monthly risk workshops
  • Maintaining appropriate project document systems utilising the electronic document management system
  • Responsible for ensuring that project conforms to the Change Control Process, in terms of liaison, communication and calculation of change notes and change orders
  • Responsible for identifying resource needs in timely manner and for participating in the recruitment process
  • Ensure that appropriate controls are in place and appropriately utilised to successfully deliver the project
  • Providing assistance on project planning for the project team regarding the development and updating of the progress plan during the life cycle of the project
  • Elaborates and implements working processes, procedures and instructions (for example the Progress Management Plan, the progress measurement procedure, etc.) in accordance with the company’s requirements – to ensure compliance with the required quality level
  • Plan and monitor in Primavera the critical road, the allocation of resources, the planning and monitoring of the commissioning phase, the deliveries, the planning and monitoring of the materials and the equipment of supply; risk assessment, Earned value management
  • Identifies the structure of the project phases (WBS) followed by the identification of activities;
  • Establishes the project reference plan – baseline
  • Performs the planning and loading of resources for the assigned field (s), offering proactive efficient advice about the feasibility of the plans, the impact of any changes and the mitigation actions required
  • Plan based on the analysis of the critical path that shows the load for each activity
  • Developing and updating plans to support project control documentation regarding new projects
  • Updates the physical and financial progress of the project, based on the data received from the responsible persons involved in the projects
  • Maintains progress history for each important area of the project, sufficiently detailed to be used in evaluating any claims at the end of the project
  • Prepares monthly reports on the progress and cost of the project
  • Analyzes and monitors planning, resource plans, progress reports and makes recommendations
  • Report and make presentations, on demand


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