Project Planning in Construction


Planning and delivering projects on time and within budget has always been a vital part of a successful project and a profitable business. The art of good construction planning is being lost as the industry becomes more and more diversified and the recognized routes to train people in planning are insufficient.

This course provides construction professionals with the understanding and tools required to develop an integrated design, procurement and construction program.

Participants will gain a thorough background in concepts of planning and scheduling all states of a construction project. This two-day course leads you through hands-on workshops that create and track an entire project to completion. Time is spent looking at the importance of delivering the drivers of a construction project on time and understanding the impact that the drivers can have on one another, for example; design on construction method, procurement on design, commissioning and handover on design.


  • Course duration: 2 days;
  • Teaching method: interactive
  • Location: TotalSoft Training Center or at the clients’ HQ ( > 5 participants);
  • Course format: 40% theory, 60% practice;
  • The course addresses: Experience in Construction Industry and Awareness Planning
  • You will learn to: Understand key drivers in construction schedule and communicate the plan to all project stakeholders

Course Objectives

  • Understand the key drivers in a construction schedule.
  • Develop an integrated Design, Procure & Construction program;
  • Understand ways to communicate the plan to all project stakeholders.
  • Manage the program as a tool to assist in project delivery.

Course content

Working with activities

  • Activities Overview
  • Adding, copying and pasting activities
  • Defining general activity information
  • Defining schedule information
  • Establishing relationships
  • Displaying activity details for assignments
  • Assigning resources and roles
  • Planning future period assignments
  • Assignment activity codes and adding expenses
  • Assigning documents
  • Adding steps
  • Using global change

Working with Cost Accounts and project expenses

  • Cost account and expense overview
  • Setting up a cost account structure
  • Adding expenses
  • Analyzing costs

Managing baselines

  • Creating and maintain baselines
  • Assigning baselines t projects
  • Comparing current and baseline schedules
  • Updating baselines

Updating, scheduling and leveling

  • The update processes
  • Type of activity dates
  • Estimating progress automatically
  • Updating duration activity, units and resource units/time
  • Applying actuals
  • Scheduling project
  • Manage resources assignments

Summarizing projects

  • Setting summarization options
  • Setting summarization options

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