Project Management in Primavera – Basic

This training program guides participants through the entire life cycle of a project, from planning to execution. Topics include adding activities, resource allocation or saving a reference project. Participants will also gain a solid background of planning and scheduling concepts. The training emphasizes three basic elements of project management: planning, resources and costs.

Completing this course allows you to accumulate points in order to maintain active the project management certificate with accumulation of 19.5 PDU’s (Personal Development Units) and 1.95 CEU’s (Continuing Education Units).


  • Training duration: 3 days;
  • Teaching method: interactive, at FIA Integra’s training center;
  • Course format: 40% theory, 60% practice;
  • The course addresses: analysts, users, implementers, project managers;
  • You will learn to: create, prepare, implement, plan and control projects.

Obtained Skills

  • Managing multiple projects simultaneously
  • Creating projects
  • Creating WBS’s
  • Adding activities
  • Maintain archive project documents
  • Building relationships;
  • Project planning;
  • Applying constraints;
  • Planned data formatting;
  • Designating roles;
  • Allocating resources and costs;
  • Analyzing resources, optimizing the project plan;
  • Implementing the plan;
  • Obtain performance reports;


  • Data, Navigation and Layouts;


  • Enterprise Project Structure;
  • Creating a project;
  • Creating a WBS;
  • Add trace relations activities;
  • Planning;
  • Conditioning;
  • Application of constraints;
  • Maintain the history of project documents
  • Formatting planned data
  • Roles and resources
  • Assigning roles
  • Assinging Resources and Costs
  • Resource Analysis
  • Streamline the project plan
  • Save the planning as a reference stage
  • Project execution and control
  • Performance analysis and reporting
  • Project website

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