Years of expertise are a guarantee for recommending the most powerful project solutions. With our help you can make the most of your project management system.

FIA INTEGRA consultants team

Acts as a mediator between the beneficiary / developer and the general contractor / designer. What do we differentiate in the market? We assume responsibilities within the project team, assuring with the beneficiary the accomplishment of all the tasks and the successful completion of the project, respecting the deadlines and the allocated budgets.

All our consultants have advanced English language skills and excellent communication skills in a multi-cultural work environment. We offer project managers and highly qualified staff with international certifications in project management. The cost of Project Management Staffing is determined by the skill level you need. Our people can manage a large number of projects, smaller or larger, over an extended period of time.


  • Our project managers can help you understand the interests of all parties involved in a project, offering the experience of negotiating with all hierarchical levels in organizations of all sizes;

  • FIA INTEGRA consultants are actively involved in project follow-up, training and guiding staff throughout their execution;

  • Our consultants will always present the real status of a project. Our goal is the success of the project, which can only be achieved through an honest and impartial evaluation of project performance and results;

  • Through our experience of continual monitoring of risk items and of the most important indicators, we anticipate potential problems and support you in taking risk mitigation measures, increasing efficiency and reducing project costs.