PrimaTime Attendance And Time Booking

PrimaTime Attendance And Time Booking

PrimaTime, a new timesheet application with a modern architecture based on a technology that makes it easy to integrate with the upgraded modules of the existing system in the company, so that the current system features can be found with the release of the PrimaTime application.

PrimaTime Attendance And Time Booking

PrimaTime is composed of a clocking module named Attendance that records the presence, and another module named Time Booking, through which individual timesheets are made on projects. When the timesheet is approved, timing information is passed to the rest of the system, ERP, HR, Project Management (Primavera P6 EPPM).


To facilitate timesheet, the user (the employee, the subcontractor) finds a layout of all project activities and their sub-activities he is allocated on that day/week;

Also, Fia Integra has developed a set of instructions for managing/using the application, and provides technical support.


Application’s main benefits:


  • Web application for attendance and time booking
  • Specially created for easy use
  • Great track record of safety, control and flexibility
  • Natively integrated with Primavera P6
  • Natively integrated with email servers
  • Reports and alerts included
  • Ability to delegate activities


PrimaTime includes the following reports:


  • Clocking
  • Employees Timesheets
  • Project Hours
  • Monthly Timesheets Summary
  • Non Holiday Hours
  • Overview Overtime Project
  • Timesheet Status
  • Weekly Timesheets Summary