Case studies

References have a special importance in the qualitative evaluation of a software solution. The success of the implementation is the guarantee of a complex implementation methodology, maturity of the development processes, but also the experience of the people behind the products.



supports INA d.d. Upstream

to implement

Plant Information from OSIsoft


Integrated Production


Following the success of MOL Group PI system implementation logical choice was to choose the same approach on both INA Downstream and Upstream.

INA Upstream recognizes the importance and potential of implementing PI system to enable digital transformation as a necessary precondition for the Digital oil field concept. Implementation of the Try Buy PI system, with the benefit of continuing to be used existed PI ecosystem after acquiring permanent licenses and expanding it to an additional four oilfields in 2020.

Aim of PI system in Integrated Production Optimization 4.0 (IPO 4.0) project is to ensure continuous and secure data flow from oilfields to business oriented expert systems for modelling, optimization and diagnostics engine of the production system.

IPO 4.0 goal is to decrease time of the reaction to underperforming production, enabler for advanced well surveillance and collaborative engineering environment increasing production between 3-5%, with reducing costs in well testing and chemical consumption according to digital oil field software vendors experience

PI System Implementation

PI system in Integrated Production Optimization 4.0 as it was named within INA project has the role to ensure continuous and secure data flow from oil fields to business oriented expert systems for modelling, optimization and diagnostics engine of the production system. It allows achieving higher engineering efficiency along with improved analytics in considerably shorter time.

Project goal was to ensure continuous and secure data flow from oil fields to business oriented expert systems for modelling, optimization and diagnostics engine of the production system thus achieving higher engineering efficiency along with improved analytics in considerably shorter time.

Implemented system can cover in future different areas of

Upstream Oil and Gas business such as:

Production and Operations

• Production Optimization

• Operational IntelligenceMaintenance and Integrity

• Condition Based & Predictive Maintenance

• Real-time Equipment Monitoring

• Inspections and Integrity ManagementDrilling & Wells

• Real Time Drilling Data

• Down Hole Measurements

• Well Integrity & Well Completions


"25 Years of Sustainable Projects in Civil, Industrial and Railway Construction"

Intens Prest is a company in Arges county that works in the field of construction both locally and nationally. It has been on the market for 25 years, during which it has expanded independently, developing sustainable projects and constantly investing in quality. They started off in the field of railway works, but they have always pursued the objective of providing complete solutions for the construction industry. Because they have a dynamic, strong and experienced team, and because proactivity is the core quality within the departments, they have made the decision to improve their business processes, both internal and customer reporting, with the Primavera project management system.    

They purchased project management licenses and services and managed to optimize their reporting and tracking process in a very short time, with the primary goal of managing and reporting all projects using Primavera. In the implementation phase, a pilot project was planned, updated and reported and then the team planned to plan the rest of the projects on the proposed model and report in real time directly from Primavera.


"We put our client first and then quality is our primary concern"

21 Residence Politehnica is the newest residential complex in Bd. Iuliu Maniu, one of the most sought after arteries in Bucharest for real estate development.  The 21 Residence complex which houses the first building, will consist of 5 blocks, with a height regime of GF + GF + 11 floors each, and the first two buildings will be ready in 2018. The developer, Imob Construct Center, is a recognized developer in the market, being the owner of several residential complexes, has made the decision to run this complex project through Primavera, acquiring the Primavera deployment package for developers.

The management services offered by FIA Integra through its specialists with extensive vertical construction experience, have improved the workflow across project teams and the visibility across the entire portfolio of projects as well as optimal resource management. The proposed package consisted of two main steps: the first step was “Implementation of the planning, tracking and reporting system for Primavera for projects and portfolios” and the second stage was the “Roll Out” stage where FIA Integra specialists offered assistance in running all project governance processes for accurate and timely reporting.


"Cernavoda - the place where civilization was born"

Cernavoda City Hall started large projects in 2017, based on the integrated development strategy of Cernavoda for 2015-2020. Along with these investments, the decision was made to implement a project management system with which to plan and track all complex projects regardless of their type or the way of settlement with the contractors.  

The flow pursued in the implementation of the system by FIA Integra specialists included a complete list of processes ranging from pre-feasibility activities to the closure of projects with the development of working methodologies and end-user training. Portfolio analysis at City Hall is done using the Primavera system, reporting and settlement being done with real-time graph analysis. One of the main deliverables in the implementation was Working Methodology with contractors that resulted in substantial reduction of processing time of reports received from contractors


“Everything we build today must be better than what was done yesterday”

One of the most famous and solid civil engineering, design and consultancy companies in Romania, Consitrans, specializes in integrated and multidisciplinary solutions in the Romanian infrastructure sector and has decided to choose Primavera as a management system for the projects being carried out.

Consitrans is one of the most important Romanian companies in the field of road, air and water transport infrastructure and provide complete construction services in all fields of civil engineering. Having already experience in using the Primavera system both in the project area and in the portfolios, Consitrans wanted to increase its expertise in the project management consultancy and audit areas and has acquired from FIA Integra, specialized services, expertise and analysis of delays in infrastructure projects.

FIA Integra’s experts have provided workshops and trainings to strengthen knowledge in the field of quantitative and financial expertise on European funded projects, insisting on the analysis of the gaps and the methods for identifying and solving them for compliance with contractual performance. The main objective of these services is to create a competence center within the consulting team.


"A world of balanced well-being through work and technological progress"

Adrem captures the essence of Adrem Engineering, Adrem Invest and Adrem Link, and aims to harness the technological potential and creativity of employees for energy efficiency and sustainable development.  For over 24 years, it offers customers products, solutions and services dedicated to the energy industry and uses the Primavera application management system integrated with the contract management application and the financial system for complex reports and analyzes.

The training of FIA Integra specialists has had a major impact both within the Project Managers’ teams and on the analyzes and situations presented during the management meetings, increasing the responsibilities of project managers and improving the planning, progress, reporting and analysis processes. The certifications obtained attest not only the knowledge of the application but also the experience and high level of analysis in the field of project management.