Advanced Planning Principles and Concepts


This course describes how to create a program consisting of activities and resources, updating the program and leveling resources.
An important section explains the summary of project data according to needs or at regular intervals in order to monitor and evaluate projects. This way you can identify any problems from the beginning

Course Info

Training duration: 2 days;

  • Teaching mode: interactive;
  • Location: FIA INTEGRA training center or optionally at the client’s premises (more than 5 participants);
  • Course form: 40% theoretical and 60% effective work on the computer;
  • To whom it is addressed: Primavera Consultants and Users;
  • You will learn how to: keep track of daily events and update the schedule with accurate data.

Obtained Skills

  • Explanation of the generic principles and concepts underlying the project management processes;
  • Planning, monitoring and controlling a project using these principles and concepts;
  • Transformation of project plans into a achievable timeline;
  • Setting time and cost parameters to measure project performance;
  • Identification of these generic principles and concepts in a project management software package;
  • Applying these general principles and concepts in a team case study.


Operations related to activities:

  • General presentation of activities;
  • Adding, copying and pasting activities;
  • Definition of general activity information;
  • Defining programming information;
  • Establishing relationships;
  • Viewing activity details;
  • Assign resources and roles;
  • Task planning for the next period;
  • Assign activity codes and add costs;
  • Allocation of documents;
  • Adding steps;
  • Using global changes.

Operations with Cost Accounts and Project Expenses:

  • Cost account and expense list;
  • Setting up a cost account structure;
  • Adding expenses;
  • Cost analysis;
  • Management of reference projects;
  • Creating and maintaining baselines;
  • Allocation of the reference project;
  • Comparison of current and reference programs;
  • Updating the reference projects;
  • Updating, programming and leveling;
  • The updating process;
  • Types of data by activity;
  • Automatic progress estimation.

Updating the duration of the activity, units and resources:

  • Effective application – real;
  • Project planning;
  • Management of allocated resources.

Summary of projects:

  • Configure summary options;
  • Summary of project data.

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